4.4 Website Builders

4.4 Website Builders

Website Builders are a great way to easily create your first website; they're easy to use and take care of everything for you, it's all point and click. We offer a top-quality website builder called Soholaunch Pro and this page shows you the very basics of getting started.

  1. First we need to install Soholaunch Pro, so login to cPanel and click Softaculous.

    Click Softaculous

  2. Click the script you want to install. For this example we're using Others > Soholaunch.

    Click the script name

  3. Click Install.

    Click Install

  4. Fill in all the fields with the required information and click Install Soholaunch Pro Edition.

    Click New Installation

  5. Check the details and click Finish installation.

    Click Finish Installation

  6. Now the website builder is installed you can go to the admin area and start creating your website. Click the link on the installation complete page:

    Click the Admin Link

  7. Enter the username and password you chose earlier and click login, you will be presented with the Soholaunch Pro Web Site Wizard. Click the green Start Wizard button and you will be able to create your website in 4 easy steps.

    Click Start Wizard

Soholaunch Pro has its own very exhaustive documentation which includes a set of video tutorials, for help using the website builder just click the orange question mark in the top-right corner of the page.

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