I've received a letter about renewal

We have received reports from customers that they have received a letter regarding the renewal of their domain name from a company called Domain Registry of America (droa.com) or Domain Renewal Group. These letters appear official, give the impression they are from the domain registry and are sent half a year before the actual expiry date of the domain name.

These are unsolicited notices and should be treated in the same was as any piece of junk mail; throw them away. Replying to the letter will transfer your domain name away from Valcato, not only that, but the prices DROA charge are 3x more than ours!

We are already taking action against this by providing free privacy protection on all new and renewed domain names, as this hides your postal address they will no longer be able to make any more solicitations. To ensure you receive the free privacy protection please ensure you renew your domain name well in advance of the expiry date.

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