2.3. A Guide to HTML

2.3. A Guide to HTML

Great, so now you can create an HTML page of differently formatted text, but websites are much more than that. You need things like images and hyperlinks.


Images play a very important part in websites, after all a picture is worth a thousand words. So to put a picture on your webpage we need the IMG tag:

<IMG SRC="fred.jpg">

In between the speech marks you need to type the name of the image, followed by a full-stop (.) and then the file extension. HTML is very particular about filenames and you must get it exactly right, it is case sensitive so Fred.jpg is not the same as fred.jpg.


Hyperlinks are more commonly known simply as links. They are underlined pieces of text that when clicked take you to another webpage. You can create a link as follows:

<A HREF="family.html">Read about my family</A>

In between the speech marks you need to type the name of the page, followed by a full-stop (.) and then the file extension (in most cases this is html). Just as with images the filename is case sensitive.
You then need to type what you want the link to say, this should usually be a description of what the page is about.

So just to summarise what you might have so far:

<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>My First Webpage</TITLE> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="#FF0000"> <CENTER><B>Welcome</B></CENTER> <FONT FACE="Arial" SIZE="3">This is my very first webpage, I'm going to write a bit about myself, my family and my pet hamster Fred (pictured below).</FONT> <P> <IMG SRC="fred.jpg"> <P> <A HREF="family.html">Read about my family</A>

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