.uk Domain Name Transfer Help

Transferring a .uk domain name can be a bit confusing if you've never done it before. This page will provide all the information you need to ensure you successfully transfer your domain name to us.

Transferring a .uk domain name is a push-pull process.


You must make sure your details in the WHOIS database are correct, particularly the email address. All .uk domains are administered by a company called Nominet and you have a login at their website - even if you don't know about it. Login to the Nominet Online Service and ensure the Administrative Contact details are correct. You may need to use the "Find out how to access your account" link to recover your password.


Before you place the transfer order at our website you need to do some preparation at the company you will be moving the domain name away from (referred to as the "losing registrar").

You need to change the IPS Tag. To do this you must retag the IPS to NETEARTHONE.

That's all one word, all upper case.


Go to our Transfer In page, type your domain name into the "Check availability" box and click Transfer.

You should then go through the order process to customise your domain and checkout.

Once confirmed the transfer will then take place.


And that's it! As soon as the losing registrar releases the domain name to us you will be able to manage it through your Valcato Account, this usually takes about 8 hours.

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