Softaculous - Importing a script

Softaculous is part of cPanel that makes setting up and managing the software on your website a doddle! Even if you didn't originally install the software via Sofaculous, you can still use it to upgrade the software in just 1 click, it can also email you when an upgrade is available!

  1. Login to cPanel and click "Softaculous".

    Click Softaculous

  2. Click the script you want to install. For this example we're using Drupal which can be found in the Portals/CMS section.

    Click the script name

  3. Click the "Import" tab.

    Click Import Tab

  4. Complete the "Domain" and "Directory" fields to tell Softaculous where Drupal is installed.

    Complete the form

  5. And that's it, your software has been imported into Softaculous.

  6. Finally, return to the Drupal overview page and whenever an update it available a blue arrow will appear as shown here. Simply click this and the update will be applied for you!

    Complete the form

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