Domain Name Renewal

If you registered your domain name through us we will email you 60, 50, 40, 20 and 10 days before the expiry date with instructions on the renewal process:

  1. Click "Domains" above,
  2. Click "Renew Domains",
  3. Click "Add to Cart >>" next to the domain you wish to renew.

If you do not manually renew your domain, we will automatically do so 7 days before the expiry date to ensure you don't loose it.

I do not wish to renew

If do not want to renew your domain name and wish it to expire you may disable auto renew on the domain details page mentioned above.

Note: Please note the earliest a .UK domain name can be renewed is six months before its expiry date. For example, if the domain expired on (Jul 1st 2007, you could only renew it on, or after Jan 1st 2007).

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