Change File Permissions (CHMOD)

Each file in your account can be assigned an individual permission, controlling who can read, write and execute a file or folder. This is often abbreviated to CHMOD, short for change mode.

The vast majority of the time file permissions are not a concern as they are automatically set to the appropriate value when uploading. However certain scripts and programs may require specific file permissions and these are often abbreviated into a 3 figure number (644, 755, 777 etc) This article illustrates how to CHMOD a file.

  • Open your FTP client (we're using Filezilla) and connect. In the right-hand side of the screen navigate to the file or folder you want to change.

  • Right click on the file and select "File Permissions"

  • Click File Permissions

  • Use the Change File Attributes window to set the required permission. You can use either the checkboxes or the numeric value field.

  • Set the Permissions

  • If chmoding a directory you will see the option to "Recurce into subdirectories". Tick this option if you wish to change the permissions of the files/folders within this directory.

  • Finally click OK

That's all there is to it. As a rule of thumb most files should be set to 644 and directories 755.

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