Carbon Copy my Emails

If there's more than one person involved with your web hosting you may want to send some of our emails to them. For example you might want to send billing emails to your accountant, support emails to your IT department, or just CC our emails to a different email address. The great news is you can:

  1. Click "My Details" above,
  2. Click "Contacts/Sub-Accounts",
  3. Select "Add New Contact" from the Choose Contact dropdown menu
  4. Enter your alternate contact details and tick the emails you want to be sent to that new address.

The primary contact (on the My Details page) will still receive all emails sent by us, but they will also be carbon copied to your contact.

This can be further expanded to allow other members of your company to login to your Valcato Account using the Sub-Accounts feature. For a full explanation of that, please refer to this article.

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