Help! I forgot to renew my domain (Renewal Grace Period)

If you failed to renew your domain name before it reached the expiry date you are in luck, you are often given up to 40 days in which you can renew at the normal rate. This is called the "Renewal Grace Period".

You can typically renew domains in this grace period in the normal way but if not, please create a ticket to the billing department and we will arrange everything for you. The Renewal Grade Period of various domains is outlined below:

Renewal Grace Period of Domains (Days)

Domain Name Extension Renewal Grace Period (Days)
.COM and .NET 16
.ORG 16
.BIZ 16
.INFO 36
.NAME 40
.ASIA 16
.MOBI 16
.TEL 40
.US 36
.IN 36
.ME 36
.EU 0
.BZ 40
.MN 40
.CC 36
.TV 36
.UK 90
.WS 36
.CA 40

Beyond the "Renewal Grace Period" the domain may enter what is called the "Redemption Grace Period", this lasts for a further 30-90 days beyond the Renewal Grace period and to renew at this time costs upwards of $99. Restoring a domain is a manual process and can take up to 5 days.

After the domain name is out of the Redemption Grace Period it will fall into "Pending Delete" status for 5 days, after which the domain is no-longer yours and available for anyone to register.

The following domain extensions are exceptions to the above:

  • .uk
  • * CentralNic Domains (eg.,
Please refer to the non-standard expiry article for information on these.
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